deena charara

editor & independent Filmmaker
i am an independent Filmmaker and Editor with a passionate interest in archive and 
found footage. i began my career as a TV editor and promotions director in the 90’s, 
when the video medium as a means of communication was on the rise; i acquired my 
first Sony V8mm camera and since then editing and filming go hand-in-hand. 
in 2005 i started my own studio [ soulfilm ] where i have been collaborating with individuals 
as well as local and international corporations and networks on the making of films that lie 
on a wide array of lengths, genres and topics.
while my experience covers an eclectic approach to the creative and technical aspects of 
audiovisual arts, my inspiration and signature lie in the aesthetics and thematics of memory 
and the self, and the intersectionality of their audio-visual components. 

“Under The Bombs” film was shot in the midst of actual military action during the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon and was edited in Paris.

 Short documentary that features the life and works of Lebanese-American portraitist Khaleel Saliby and on the preservation of art in the middle east.

“BLF ambitions” Banque Libano-Francaise chose to communicate through real life stories to show faith in Lebanon.

“UNICEF Garage Child” Short videos about the Syrian crisis focusing on humanitarian issues of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

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